A nun died after arguing over the purchase of a former convent with Katy Perry. One of her friends accuses the singer of murder.

Katy Perry is in trouble! The singer disputed the purchase of a former convent that had previously belonged to the Order of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Los Angeles for years. If the interpreter of I Kissed A Girl insisted on acquiring this place, the nuns wanted the property to be recovered by a certain Dana Hollister . The artist finally acquired it in 2015 for $ 14.5 million. A real estate conflict that quickly turned to tragedy …

A few years later, in March 2018, one of the sisters, Catherine Rose Holzman , died in the Los Angeles court, in the middle of a court case against Katy Perry . His last words before dying were: “Katy Perry, please, stop.” Faced with the situation, one of the nuns did not hesitate to wear Katy Perry responsible. For Sr. Rita Callanan , the victim’s best friend, who reacted in the columns of the New York Post , the star has “blood on her hands” .

Since then, this same nun who accuses the star of murder, has also experienced health problems, including undergoing surgery of the spine. She is currently residing in a specialized clinic and requires daily help. But she does not intend to give up: “I intend to fight, but how long can I do that, I do not know, ” she said. . As for Katy Perry , she no longer wants to buy the convent that is back for sale for $ 25 million, or nearly $ 10 million more than what was obtained as a price, the singer.