The death toll of forest fires in northern California has risen to 44. These are the deadliest fires in the history of the American state.

There is a good chance that the number of victims will increase further in the coming days. The authorities do not know where they are from more than 200 people. There is no clarity about the exact number of missing persons.

A father tries to reassure his daughter during a blood-curdling ride through the fire.

The fires are strengthened by the hard, dry wind. The fire brigade in California has the greatest difficulty in getting the fires under control. The fires are intensified by the hard, dry wind.

Disaster area
President Donald Trump has officially declared California a disaster area. As a result, the federal government can step in more quickly and easily in combating forest fires.

Countless houses of world stars have already fallen prey to the flames. For example, the villas of Miley Cyrus , Robin Thicke, Caitlyn Jenner and Gerard Butler were destroyed.

Scary video coming out of northern California from the Camp Fire and a dad doing his best in a difficult situation!