Idris Elba

The series “Luther” from the Air Force returns to the screens with the long-awaited fifth season. The three sexiest men according to People Idris Elba three years later will try on John Luther’s coat again. The BBC channel in its official Twitter account posted a promotional video for the upcoming season, which seems to be held under the motto “It will hurt.”

The plot of the first four seasons of the series tells of Inspector John Luther, who reveals the most brutal and convoluted crimes. In future episodes, judging by the next teaser, he will have a particularly difficult time. The video begins with Luther, chained to a chair, interrogated by criminal boss George Cornelius. He wants to get information from the inspector about his missing son, Alistair, using a stun gun and a single-bullet revolver. Fortunately, Luther manages to free himself and take possession of the weapon. Instead of a response aggression, the inspector wants to help Cornelius, but he finds out that he may be involved in the disappearance of his son.

The fifth season will consist of four episodes and, according to the writers, will allow John Luther to complete the unfinished business. The premiere will be held in 2019.