Discreet about her private life, Nicole Kidman rarely talks about Isabella Cruise, the result of her previous marriage to Tom Cruise. Long separated, the two women gradually seem to meet again. On Instagram, the daughter of the star couple seems to reconnect with the actress, this Tuesday, September 28, 2021 …

She reconnects with her daughter. Nicole Kidman displayed her cascade of gold curls at the opening gala of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on September 25. To the delight of her fans, but also of her daughter Isabella Cruise. Fruit of her union with Scientologist actor Tom Cruise, the 28-year-old young woman , discreet about her private life, seems to be reaching out to her mother. Indeed, the daughter of the actress did not hesitate to support Nicole Kidman, by liking one of her posts on Instagram, Tuesday, September 28, “alongside Courteney Cox and Nicole’s sister, Antonia”, reveal our colleagues fromHello media.

Everything seems to be going for the best, between the two women reconciled after long years separated from each other. Because since her divorce pronounced in 2001 , with the fervent Scientologist Tom Cruise, the American actress has no longer had any links with her eldest Isabella Cruise and her son Connor Cruise. As a reminder, the two children had been adopted by the star couple in 1992 and 1995. But considered a “suppressive person” according to the Church of Scientology, the American actress was no longer authorized to see her offspring, member of The sect.

Her painful divorce from Tom Cruise

Far from Hollywood and glitter , the couple’s two children are thriving, each on their own: “Bella now lives in Croydon with her husband Max Parker, while Connor, 26, is based in Florida” , reveal our colleagues from the Hello media. But since her divorce, the Australian-American has found love again with Keith Urban and his two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Marked by eleven difficult years of marriage , the actress is slowly recovering from this relationship: “Maybe I’ve become a little more agitated, but I always try to be as open as possible. I just prefer to live in the world that way, ” she said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine.