52-year-old Nicole Kidman and 51-year-old Keith Urban showed a gentle shot from their vacation. A sensual shot delighted fans of the star couple.

The Australian actress and country singer are now out of the house – last week they visited the Global Ocean Gala in Monte Carlo , and then went on a short trip to Italy. Their visit to the festive event in Monaco caused unrest among fans. The couple came to the ceremony together , but Nicole came out on the red carpet of the holiday in splendid isolation. Kidman did not explain the absence of her beloved man by her side and chose to reduce her communication with journalists to a minimum.

Sharing photos , made yesterday in Florence ( Italy), reassured fans. In the frame, Kidman gently snuggles into his husband , clasping his face with both hands , and Urban hugs his wife in response. They both look happy and smile at the camera.

Fans admired the touching selfie and were happy for their well-being in the famous family. “One can see , that there is a lot of love between you. You both just a light “,” It’s great , that you have found each other in this world. And I am glad , that you manage to find time to rest the joint, “” It’s a real feeling , which can not be forged. Kit , Nicole has blossomed next to you, ”they wrote in the comments.