Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have sued the British newspaper Mail on Sunday. The newspaper published a handwritten letter in which Meghan criticized her father. The couple responded, because it is enough of the negative coverage in the British media.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stated in a statement that they ‘really respect objective media’, but the negative coverage surrounding Meghan is tired. “I can no longer watch on the sidelines as my wife suffers from all the messages,” reports Prince Harry. 

He refers to the recent publication of Mail on Sunday, which contains a photo of a handwritten letter. In that letter Meghan criticized her father Thomas Markle. 

Negative reports about Meghan Markle have often appeared in the British media in recent years.

“Fear that history repeats itself”

Prince Harry now wants that to stop and refers in the statement to the death of his mother, Princess Diane. She died in 1997. She too was often the center of attention for British gossip press. Harry now says he “fears that history will repeat itself.”

“I have seen what happens when someone I love so much is commercialized that she is no longer treated or seen as a real person,” writes the prince.

According to him, his wife has fallen victim to a “British tabloid press that launches campaigns against individuals without thinking about the consequences.”

The couple sues the newspaper and the parent company Associated Newspaper for abuse of private information and copyright infringement. Prince Harry and Meghan pay the legal proceedings from their own pocket.

If the case is won, the couple will donate the money to an organization that is committed to bullying. “This is a ruthless campaign that has escalated in the past year, during her pregnancy and during the education of our newborn son.”