After Nicole Kidman (53) and Keith Urban (52) flew to Sydney with their two daughters in a private plane from the United States, they were required to be quarantined for two weeks. The Australian government has set up a number of hotels for this purpose, where passengers are taken directly from the airport. However, the couple traveled to their farm in Sutton Forest. This reports ‘Page Six’.

“So if you’re famous and rich, the rules don’t apply”

After it became known that Nicole and Keith did not have to stay in a ‘corona hotel’, they were immediately addressed on social media because of the preferential treatment that the couple seems to receive. “So if you’re famous and rich, the rules don’t apply,” someone wrote. “Disappointing that they do this, while all other travelers are not allowed to go to their destination,” said another.

According to another twitterer, you can apply to go home, provided you can demonstrate that you are actually going to be self-insulated. Something quite easy to do on their estate in the case of Kidman and Urban.