The divorce of Nicolas Cage and his ex Erika Koike has been completed in 69 days. The marriage lasted four days and the divorce went smoothly. According to TMZ documents from a court in Nevada show that Nicolas Cage has been officially divorced since Friday. It is not clear whether Erika, who is a make-up artist, will receive maintenance.

Erika and Nicolas were together for about a year when they got married in March this year. Nicolas applied for annulment four days after the wedding of the two in Las Vegas. He claims that he and Erika were drunk when they decided to get married. He also states in his request that she was not honest about “the nature and extent of her relationship with another person”. The actor also states that his ex has lied to him about her criminal past.

It is not the first time that the actor does not last long for married life. In 2002, after three months of marriage, he applied for a divorce from Lisa Marie Presley. Before that he was married to Patricia Arquette for six years. His third marriage also lasted a lot longer: Nicolas Kim lasted twelve years with Alice Kim.