The main thing is to prepare well.

Last night, Donald and Melania Trump soared into the sky over the United States on their plane to go to Europe with a regular state visit. This time – to Great Britain, where they have plans to meet with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and a number of other events. About where the presidential couple is going, one could understand not only from the news, but simply by looking at the image that the first lady had already presented on the plane’s ladder. Gucci dress was decorated with a print with numerous symbols of London – Big Ben, Tower Bridge, red double-decker buses and others. The cost of the dress is 4.5 thousand dollars. Given that the couple will be in the UK for three days, it can be assumed that spending on Melania’s wardrobe on this trip will exceed those on their Japan tour. Then she demonstrated outfits totaling $ 20 thousand.

Melania loves these kind of puzzles and carefully selects outfits for each of her tours. So, on a recent trip to Africa, she took with her things in the style of a safari, and went to Iraq in army boots Timberland. Her fashionable experiments should find understanding within the walls of the royal palace, because the young representatives of the monarchy – Kate Middleton and Megan Markle – act in exactly the same way: when they are going to foreign tours, they choose designers from the countries where they go.