The Ghost Rider star has become a ghost version of himself in recent years.

Nicolas Cage became addicted to trash not only in his films, but also in real life. Drinking a few glasses of whiskey and shots of tequila brought the star to a scandal in Las Vegas.

On September 13, Cage in leopard leggings fell into one of the expensive bars in Vegas. Taking it on his chest, Nicholas took off his shoes, threw his leg over the leg and began to demand more alcohol, and also asked to bring his shoes. Cage’s slippers were nearby, but they refused to pour him.

“We were sitting at Lowry’s bar when this scandal started. At first, everyone decided that he was some kind of homeless – he was absolutely drunk and made a lot of noise, but then we finally recognized him as Nicolas Cage! And he was very bad “, – told reporters witnesses edition of The of Sun .

After the bar staff kicked Nicolas Cage out the door, he tried to break in and even started a fight with the guards. As a result, the Oscar-winning actor was taken home by one of the bar regulars.