The actor has already been taken to the hospital.

The start of the Ryder Cup international golf competition did not bode well. But as soon as Tom Felton took the club in his hands, he suddenly became ill. The performer of the role of Draco Malfoy collapsed to the ground unconscious, after which people immediately crowded around the 34-year-old actor who tried to provide him with first aid. As a result, doctors were called to the golf course.

“Felton survived a medical incident and was referred to a local hospital for treatment. He was conscious when he was taken away from the field, ”the BBC writes , specifying that the actor and musician defended the honor of Europe in golf competitions.

The last full-length work of the Harry Potter star was Rachel Talaley’s A Nurse’s Guide: How to Catch a Monster, which was released last year. Tom Felton played the role of Grand Guignol’s main villain there.