Nicolas Cage believes that every actor should receive shooting training if he has to use a weapon for his part in a movie. That’s part of the responsibilities you have as a movie star, the 57-year-old actor said in an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ when asked about his reaction to the fatal shooting incident on the set of the film ‘Rest’ in late October.

“I don’t want to blame the cast for anything,” he said. “But as an actor you have to know every aspect of your role. You have to know how to ride a horse, you have to know how to fight if you are going to do fight scenes. You have to know how to ride a motorcycle. You have to know how to use a gearshift and drive sports cars. And you have to know how to use a gun.”

According to the Gone in 60 Seconds actor, this is part of the role of an actor. “And that’s all I’m going to say about it,” he concluded.

Earlier, George Clooney also spoke out about the great responsibility that actors have on set when they have to use a weapon. Weeks after the incident, in which actor Alec Baldwin inadvertently fired a bullet that killed a camerawoman, he said actors should check for themselves that the weapon is loaded before using it.

The investigation into the shooting incident on the film set of Rust is still in full swing.