US records daily record of hospitalization of minors by covid-19

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About 1,000 minors were hospitalized in the United States on Wednesday as a result of COVID-19, a record number of daily admissions for child patients since the start of the pandemic.

Data from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released this Thursday reveal that 951 minors were hospitalized on Wednesday across the country after almost tripling the number of child admissions in the last two weeks as a result of the omicron variant.

In an interview given to TV Channel Dr. Roberta DeBiasi said “The majority of our hospitalized kids are in the hospital because they are sick with Covid symptoms, the hospital’s infectious disease chief. It’s rare for children to arrive for another reason and be incidentally diagnosed with Covid, she said. 
Dr. DeBiasi further stated “We occasionally have someone who, for instance, was here for surgery or trauma and was noted to be positive for Covid, but that is not very common,”.
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