Old acquaintances ran over the shooting of Captain Marvel.

Even now, the world is still the Black Peoples and the Rogues: It is endless war, but at Marvel they are working on the next big toss, so that we can waste our money next year. Leapfiles leaked from filming are probably more exciting than ever before, as we can see Brie Larson for Captain Marvel for the first time.

The actress’s green costume may be surprising, but this is not the final fit she will wear. The scene that is filmed here is likely to be in the 90s, as the character’s solo film will work on this period as well. Otherwise, it is not quite clear whether Captain Marvel is being recorded or scenes are being made for the Odds 4, but the latter had a closing party, so it is likely that the former is true.

Another interesting thing is that since the age of Ultron, Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Cobie Smulders (Agent Hill) are back in a Marvel film. The Captain Marvel will be in theaters in March 2019, while the Insects will be in theaters in May 4, 2019, so the scenes shot here may appear in any of the two movies.