Nick Cordero actor from Broadway faced another hard time in his struggle with Coronavirus. His wife Amanda Kloots updated the fans on Wednesday about his condition on Instagram and requested the fans for prayers. She wrote “Nick has had a bad Morning”, She also wrote “Unfortunately, things are going a little downhill at the moment.”
She requested fans saying, “So, I am asking again, for all the prayers, Mega Prayers.”

Amanda Kloots was very emotional while sharing the live message on Instagram, Kloots said, “this virus is not going to get him down.”

She was in tears saying, “That’s not how his story ends, So just keep us in y our thoughts and prayers today. Thank you.”

No further details were offered by Kloots what exactly Cordero’s “bad morning” entailed, but she explained a day earlier that Cordero’s left lung still has the virus infection.

Cordero fell ill in March and was hospitalized on March 30.