The singer and actor points out that Mariah Carey was the last and the only …

In an IT interview for his podcast ‘ExpediTIously’, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, father of his twins Roc and Roe, said he will never marry again.

Nick stated that when he married the singer, he didn’t believe in marriage, but that he decided to marry because ‘it was Mariah Carey’. And today, he doesn’t imagine saying his vows to another person.

“I knew that I would never remarry when I walked away. This construction was not designed for me. I gave it my all because even before that I didn’t believe in marriage … It was Mariah Carey. Everything she says, I’m with her. If I marry someone, I marry her, ”he justifies.

Nick also told TI that his separation from Mariah had nothing to do with infidelity, and although he did not mention the true reason why the two decided to end their eight-year marriage, they get along very well. They are still close friends and have a great relationship for raising their children.