Old Hollywood divas tackle each other the hardest! And Jennifer Lopez (50) is the hardest of them all. She already proves that in her new film Hustlers, but also in 1998 you didn’t have to mess with Jenny from the Block either. This appears from a new interview with the singer.

“What is she playing in? I swear, I have no idea what she has ever acted in” 

J.Lo is not only a singer, but also an actress, director and businesswoman. The 50-year-old does not bother to speak in a 1998 interview with Movieline and does a good job at her colleagues. At the time, she was not yet the megastar she is today and described herself as “dangling at the bottom of the A-list.” And although she did not yet belong to the top of the top, she did lose the women at the top. 

First it was Cameron Diaz (47). Jennifer described her as “a model with good luck. She has had many opportunities, but I wish she had done more with it. She is beautiful and has a good appearance. And in My Best Friend’s Wedding I thought:” If she is good being directed, then she’s good. “” For Gwyneth Paltrow (46) she didn’t have a good word about: “What is she playing in? I swear, I have no idea where she ever acted.” 

Jennifer didn’t stop there. “Some people become popular because of their social life. I know more about Gwyneth’s private life with Brad Pitt than I know about her work.” Madonna (61) was also not spared. “Do I find her a fantastic entertainer? Yes. Do I find her a good actress? No,” she explains. In addition, she admitted to being “not a big fan” of Winona Ryder (47). 

Salma Hayek (53) also got the wind from the front. “She’s a sexy bombshell and that’s the kind of role she gets,” Jennifer says. “I do all kinds of roles.” The interview took place in 1998 and at the time Jennifer had not even had her iconic role in The Wedding Planner . Moreover, the actress has not yet responded to the recovered interview and has therefore not said anything to take back her words.