Transmitter Hulu, creator Rob Thomas and lead actress Kristen Bell are working on a relaunch of the cult series Veronica Mars. 


According to The Hollywood Reporter , almost a new series has been reached about the young, cynical female private detective.

There are still few details about the plan. It would be the second restart of Veronica Mars . In 2014 Thomas and Bell made a feature film about the character after fans had collected money. Dutch fans also contributed to the initiative.

The series Veronica Mars , which was the great breakthrough for actress Kristen Bell, was broadcast between 2004 and 2008. The series received rave reviews and high ratings, but the ratings were disappointing. That is why the plug was pulled out of the series after three seasons. The fans, however, continued to plead for years for a sequel.

New series of old series have proved successful in recent years. For example, revivals from Will & Grace , Twin Peaks and The X-Files werewell received. Less successful were the relaunch of, among others, Prison Break and 24 . Among other things, new series of Frasier , The Hills and Murphy Brown are being considered .

Veronica Mars Official Trailer #1