The actress was nominated in the category “Best Supporting Actress”.

Margot Robbie made history as a double nominee in one category at BAFTA, writes Daily Mail. The actress was nominated for roles in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and in Jay Roach’s Scandal. In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Margot starred with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. She played an actress named Sharon Tate.

In the “Scandal” Robbie plays one of the employees of Fox News, whose head was accused of sexual harassment of subordinates. Margot’s colleagues in the “Scandal” were Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron.
In a recent interview, Margot admired the work of Nicole and Charlize on the set. According to her, “experienced colleagues” helped her to cope with the role and themselves showed incredible professionalism.

When I watched Nicole Kidman working, I thought: “Mother of God, now it’s clear why she is Nicole Kidman!” As soon as the command “Start!” Is distributed, Nicole immediately changes, I could not tear myself away from her. Each of her words, even if it was not a key remark of the hero, was filled with power,

– said Margo.

And Charlize, according to Robbie, even stayed with her after filming in order to “drive” the dialogs in which Margot had difficulties.

It was difficult for me to have a scene where I talk on the phone with the heroine Kate McKinnon. There are a lot of emotions. Charlize did not act that day. It was 10pm, Thanksgiving. And despite the fact that she has children and a lot of worries, Charlize was on the set and read a dialogue with me so that I could finally play,

– shared Robbie.