There are concerns about the X-Men universe.

With the time dictated by Marvel, rivals also tried to pick up the pace, and while the DC had a major cleanup, and at the end of the year only an Aquaman movie appeared, then Fox and X-Men became connected this year and made 3 films ….

Let’s start with the bad news right away. That is, with bad news, as it seems that one of them follows the other. The Gambit, who had died, had already appeared to be on track since after so many years of quarreling Rupert Wyatt ( Monkey’s Planet: Rebellion ) and Doug Liman ( The Bourne Mystery, Dead Tomorrow ) finally Gore Verbinski ( Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, Antidote to Health ) took hold of the reins. However, he left the deck today (though his style was guaranteed to have cast a lot on the film) and the movie that had not yet been directed by Fox on February 14, 2019, passed by June 7, 2019. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fairly comic heist movie would have a better chance in the summer.

However, since the February release was released, Josh Boone’s The New Mutants movie was shot down this April by February 22, 2019. Such plots are usually bad, but according to internal information this is not the case, and according to the first test reports, the first version of the film was well represented, but the studio wanted to make the young adult horror a little more awesome by running a little horror wave. This is more beneficial for a February, more relaxed time than the blockbuster season that started in the spring, with studio films coming to one another. Of course, the acquisition of Fox could also play in the round-up, so the 2018 and 2019 can be more balanced on the mutant front.


And the good news is that the Deadpool sequel to which title is not yet due two weeks before, June 1st instead of May 18, may be on the go. Ryan Reynolds himself confirmed it twitter. The thing to do is get one week before Solo – One Star Wars story. Whether this means more space for the Star Wars to blame, or even the fact that they do not trust their success, is still questionable, but Deadpool needs to cope with Sony Slenderman.

However, the premiere of X-Men: Dark Phoenix continues on November 2, 2018, so the main thread of the “mutant-verzum” is still untouched by autumn. What do you think is behind the premier plots?