Julia fox and Kanye

Julia Fox (31), the woman Kanye West (44) has recently started dating, turns out to be a big fan of the Kardashians. Well, at least before Kanye came into her life. In an interview with the podcast ‘Forbidden Fruits’ last month, she expressed the wish that she would like the Kardashians to be her family.

“I wanted it to be my family because you feel like you know them well”

“I’m going to miss the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians so much, I’ve been watching it since 2007 when it was embarrassing to come out. I was never ashamed of it, I wanted it to be my family because you feel You know them well. You’re happy for them when something good happens in their lives,” said Julia.

Not long after, the actress met Kanye at a party during New Years Eve, after which the two immediately had a very public date in New York about which she wrote an essay. Kanye is said to have arranged a photo shoot for her in a restaurant and had a number of sets of clothes put in her hotel room. Julia described this romantic gesture as “a Cinderella fairytale.” Remarkably, she recently deleted all the likes she had given on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram posts.