Despite a request from the mayor of Lac-Mégantic, Netflix refuses to remove from her movie Bird Box the images of the explosion that claimed the lives of 47 people in this city in 2013.

Mayor Julie Morin said in a statement that she had spoken to a representative of the streaming giant: it was only assured that Netflix would work with its partners so that the images would no longer be used in future productions.

At least two productions from Netflix’s Canadian platform, including the hit Bird Box , starring Sandra Bullock, briefly use footage from the 2013 tragedy – the oil convoy explosion. M me  Morin said the Canadian Press this week that she wanted Netflix review its catalog and removes the painful images.

The mayor said Thursday that following a meeting with a representative of Netflix, she is convinced that the company is sensitive to the mourning of her fellow citizens, many of whom suffer from post-traumatic stress.

The company that sold Lac-Mégantic footage to another Netflix production, the series  Travelers , said it was saddened by the fact that images of the tragedy had been used for entertainment purposes.

The company Pond5 indicates in a statement that the scenes of the tragedy were taken out of context. The company claims that it contacts all customers who have purchased similar images to ensure they are aware of their delicate nature.