Frank Underwood, the character of Kevin Spacey at House Of Cards, is no longer alive at the start of the new and final season. 


The latest teaser of the Netflix series shows that his wife Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright) visits his grave.

It was already clear that Spacey would not return in House Of Cards, but how he would be written from the series was not yet known. Spacey was dismissed last year by Netflix for accusations of sexual abuse.

The dismissal of Spacey had major consequences for House Of Cards. A day after the first accusations of sexual assault by the actor came out, Netflix announced that the sixth season of the series would be the last. When employees of House Of Cards also complained about Spacey, he was dismissed. Because of his dismissal, the last series was reduced to eight episodes.

Spacey played the manipulative politician Frank Underwood. The last series of the political drama series revolves around Claire Underwood. The slot will be on Netflix from November 2nd.