Goop, the lifestyle company founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, has to pay a claim of 145,000 dollars (over 125,000 euros). The company sells vaginal eggs and claims that these promote the health of the vagina, but these claims are not fulfilled.


The lawsuit was initiated by the Santa Clara public prosecutor in the state of California, reporting several US media.

“The health claims that Goop makes for these products are not supported by competent and reliable science,” according to the public prosecutor. “The health of the inhabitants of Santa Clara should never be compromised by this misleading advertisement.”


Goop sold two types of eggs for 66 and 55 dollars. These were eggs that would help to balance hormones and the menstrual cycle. Also the eggs would prevent uterine prolapse and unwanted urine loss.

Also an essential oil that Goop sells and that would help reduce depression after use, does not live up to his health promises.

Company Paltrow disagrees with prosecutors

In addition to paying the claim, Goop must also pay the refund amount that consumers receive if they decide to return the products after the purchase.

Paltrow’s company says in a statement that they do not agree with the decision of the prosecutors, but that it wants to settle the matter quickly.

Goop was invented by Paltrow (44) in 2008. The brand started in the form of a weekly newsletter and later grew into a lifestyle website. The brand was later expanded with a skin care line that is sold through the website.