See you on November 16th on Netflix for Buster Ball Scruggs, the promising western Coen brothers.

It’s finally here, the trailer for the western  Netflix’s Buster Scruggs ballad. Directed and scripted by Joel and Ethan Coen, the brothers behind films like The Bridge of the Spies,  True Grit or No Country for Old Men , it will not be as initially planned of a short series of anthology in 6 episodes, but of a film that will still tell 6 stories in the Wild West, mixing visibly humor, absurd, drama and legends of that time.

Six stories and a 5 star cast

To bring these stories, Netflix has put the means because the casting is extremely solid. There are actors (and a few rare actresses) like James Franco ( The Deuce ), Liam Neeson ( The Passenger ), Brendan Gleeson ( Mr. Mercedes ), Zoe Kazan ( The Deuce ), Tim Blake Nelson ( O’Brother ) or Tom Waits ( Seven Psychopaths ).

Buster Scruggs’ ballad arrives on Netflix on November 16th. Finally, he was shown at the end of August at the Venice Film Festival, where he won the prize for the best screenplay.