LOS ANGELES – Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčabout to become a member of the Motion Picture Association of America. That reports sources to The Hollywood Reporter. It would be the first time that a non-traditional film producer, so a production company that makes films for the cloth, becomes a member of the American film union.

The six major Hollywood studios are expected to make a decision on the proposal this week. What can certainly count is that Netflix with fifteen nominations this year is one of the big contenders for the Oscar presentation in late February. Especially the epic film Roma, from director Alfonso Cuaron, is an important possible winner.

Hollywood has a love-hate relationship with Netflix. It baffles a lot of producers and directors that the streaming service makes films to watch at home instead of in the cinema. For example, the Cannes festival prohibited films from Netflix from joining the competition this year. The Venice festival was more lenient; Roma won the Golden Lion there promptly.