LOS ANGELES – The battle between Johnny Depp and his ex Amber Heard is still going on. The actor now claims that he never orally ‘did something to Amber’, something the actress said all along. Video images would have been released from which this would turn out, reports TMZ.

Depp’s lawyers believe that Heard ‘invented everything’. The actor has brought these documents into the United Kingdom, where there is already a case of him against the newspaper The Sun. They would have previously put Johnny as a ‘woman batterer’, something he strongly opposes.

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According to The Sun, Depp Heard would have attacked on May 21, 2016. According to Heard, the actor threw a phone to her face and would have hit her with a fist several times. Amber then took photos to provide evidence of the abuse. Depp now says that nothing is right here and that a witness supports his story.

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Johnny says that Amber had hurt himself and made pictures of it afterwards, to put him in a bad light.

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