Recently starring Natalie Portman, the science fiction film directed by Alex Garland (“Mechanics Ji”) released an “evolutionary” trailer, unlocking more about what happened in Zone X The strange picture. Because of the influence of the mysterious power, the creatures in the “X Region” experienced strange variations in the forecaster, followed by the wilderness beasts that nightly raid the squad, the antlers out of the beautiful flowers, and the human epidermis growing vines, making it difficult to describe the “singularity World “in front of people. The film will be released February 23, 2018 in North America, the domestic release of information is still unknown, fans can not wait.

Science fiction gods make a new screen to unlock the beast invaded vision cluster

Alex Garland, the British filmmaker who won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay by virtue of Mechanical Ghost, wrote a book titled “Annihilation” Get started to get the fans attention. And with the North American release approaching, this god is about to unveil its veil.

From the preview, the film is full of bizarre grotesque elements, people dazzled, love, action, shootings, horror a lot. And one of the most fascinating of these is the director’s portrayal of a singular world, the deer’s horns, the mysterious grotesque body totem on the stone walls, the towering ice trees on the shoreline, and so on, full of imagination. At the same time, there are also hidden crisis of death, the team suffered a series of personnel, beasts different night attacks. Some netizens set a direct call, read the original novels, and then see the trailer, is already looking forward to it. There are also timid viewers said the light of the trailer are a bit afraid to watch the movie.

The bizarre “X area” lets one’s brain open

The film is adapted from Jeff Vandermeier’s “Left Behind the South” Trilogy’s first eponymous novel. About the biologist Lena (Natalie Portman) In search of the missing husband (Oscar Isaacs) joins a scientific expedition team organized by the mysterious organization Southern Reach to study a quarantined Isolated area of ecological disaster “Area X”. And they gradually find this area under the control of the mysterious power, hidden mysterious dark forces ……

The “X Region” is like the original Eden. The plants and animals living here are all amazing. There are horns such as deer, gleaming plants, living vegetatives, and so on. All creatures in Zone X are mutants, and expedition members also face the risk of catastrophe. And Natalie Portman’s last words, “It is not in ruin, but in reshaping the new life,” but also quite profound.

It is reported that the movie “annihilation” directed by Alex Garland (“mechanical Ji”), Natalie Portman, Oscar Issac, Jennifer Jason Lee, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and other stars. The film will be released February 23, 2018 in North America, it is learned that the film is also expected to introduce domestic.