Affected by a restructuring and the failure of LawBreakers, Nexon America has just dismissed some of its employees in early 2018.

This is indeed what a spokesman for the publisher told our colleagues at GameIndustry :

(We need to) streamline operations and reset the organization to focus more on our most promising titles. Unfortunately, that means we have to let some people go, but the numbers are not important to our overall workforce.

But the case seems more complex than that since an internal source told our colleagues that in fact, layoffs would involve nearly a fifth of staff, what denies Nexon. Also, several employees including Robert Campbell and Alexis Henson indicated to be part of this wave.

While the poor results of LawBreakers could be partly responsible for these departures, the spokesman of Nexon denies it by claiming again that they are unrelated to the financial results of the game and that the main objective is:

(…) enhance the success of Nexon Amercia’s objectives and improve our overall operational capacity for long-term success. We are a financially stable and growing company that continues to record record profits, the changes we brought are not related to financial reasons, but to Nexon’s desire to establish itself as a major player in the Western market. .

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