Natalie Morales is aiming to move on for the new adventures.

NBC News Journalist working with the company for 22 years she shared that she is exiting her roles from “Today” and “Dateline”. This was disclosed in a memo to her colleagues on Friday. As per the resources Natalie Morales stated “to spread my own wings and to pursue a new adventure.”

Although nothing has been disclosed by Natalie about where she is heading next, however shortly after the news of her exit broke, DailyMail reported that she has landed a spot on “The Talk”.
No comment were made by Natalie Morales on acquiring.

AS per the sources Natalie will contintue to work with the “Dateline” till the end of year but she would leave “Today” in upcoming weeks.

Natalie stated working with the NBCUniversal in 2002 as anchor on MSNBC. she started working with “Today” in 2006.
It was stated by the Natalie saying ” This first half of my life has been one full of adventure, challenges, travel, way too many early wake up calls, and, yes, opportunities to witness history unfold and to tell inspiring and impactful stories that will always be in my mind’s highlight reel, she further wrote; It’s very hard to say goodbye…and we all know in this business it’s never goodbye but see you later.”

Few hours ago Natalie Morales shared a post on Instagram saying ” To new beginnings!! A toast to anyone who is taking on something new.. and no matter how scary … good things will come when you least expect it!

Two new co-host features the The Talk for Season 12. The hosts of this season Sheryl Underwood and Amanda Kloots were joined by Jerry O’Connell and Akbar Gbajabiamila who are the first male host for The Talk.

It was told by Jerry O’Connell that “We have a new co-host, Akbar. He is amazing and I can’t wait to star with him, I have known him for years. it is going to be so much fun”.