Reboots and sequels are making horror icons of our youth coming back to life. Michael Myers in Halloween Kills, Candyman and, soon, Chucky. Since 1988 Child’s play, evil “Good guy” doll has been entertaining the with horrors and terrorizing the fans.
Now Tiny terror is ready to bring the horror back from the plate form of SYFY and USA in a new Tv Servies.
And there are a lot of familiar faces, including Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, Chucky’s true love. And of course, Brad Dourif as the voice of the titular demonic doll.

You can watch new Chucky trailer right here:

chucky Official discription from IMDB website:

In the new television series, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos after a vintage ‘Good Guy’ doll turns up at a suburban yard sale. Soon, everyone must grapple with a series of horrifying murders that begin to expose the town’s deep hypocrisies and hidden secrets. Meanwhile, friends and foes from Chucky’s past creep back into his world and threaten to expose the truth behind his mysterious origins as a seemingly ordinary child who somehow became this notorious monster.

 is produced by UCP and executive produced by creator Don Mancini, David Kirschner, Nick Antosca and Alex Hedlund. Harley Peyton will also serve as executive producer. Mancini, who penned the film franchise,