Through social networks, Angie and Tish say they are happy that they are a new couple.

The shared relationship between Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson shows no signs of diminishing as the couple continues to publish daring selfies on their Instagram accounts, and now their mothers have also been involved.

On Monday, Cody’s mother, Angie, gave her relationship her seal of approval by posting a photo of the duo on her Instagram.

Angie shared the photo, along with a sweet legend: β€œIt puts a smile on my lips to see them both so happy. Hearing their laughter and seeing the smiles on their faces illuminates my heart. #Happyforyouguys #beautifullsouls ”.

Miley responded by commenting below the post with nine black hearts.

And her mother Tish also gave her approval to Miley and Cody’s burgeoning romance, and she replied, “It also puts a smile on my face @angiemsimpson I love you my sweet friend.”

The selfie comes after Miley surprised her fans on Monday, with a post on her Instagram stories of the couple kissing while sharing a bowl of soup.

“The soup is an aphrodisiac,” he boasted in the caption.

The singer’s actions on social networks could be a response to her future husband, Liam Hemsworth, as she was discovered with her new girlfriend, Maddison Brown.

TMZ captured the Australian gallant on a date with the promising blonde star, taking her on a romantic walk and dinner in the West Village neighborhood of New York on Thursday.

Miley and Liam separated in August 2019, and the singer soon dated Kaitlynn Carter, a relationship that only lasted a few weeks.