For Britney’s mother, it is hard to imagine what happens to her daughter every time. The singer has in fact volunteered to be checked in again at a psychiatric hospital.

“Keep going, no matter how bad it is now”

The Womanizer singer has been struggling with unpleasant feelings for a while, because her father is not doing well. His health is deteriorating and that situation is so worrying for Britney that she has even canceled her Las Vegas residence. Now it comes out that she can handle it so badly that she has decided to let herself be admitted. This was a big shock for fans, but also for Lynn Spears, Britney’s mother. 

“Keep going, no matter how bad it is now,” says mother Spears on Instagram. “No matter how tight you are, no matter how much you’ve been crying, no matter how many days you wish things were different, no matter how hopeless and depressed you feel. I promise you won’t always feel that way. Keep going.”

Fans express their support under message and wish the best for the singer and her family. Britney himself has indicated on Instagram some time for herself to insert. Before this, she had already announced that she would no longer take action in the near future until her father’s health problems had been resolved.