The singer boldly demonstrates slender legs………

Over the past two years, Celine Dion has radically changed the image, finally regaining her status as an Icon of Style. The singer now and then appears in public in avant-garde (and often in revealing outfits) from Dior, Balenciaga, Schiaparelli and other world brands. In the last fashion week in Paris, the artist made a fashion marathon at all . Her every look caused a flurry of discussions in the press and social networks. She even had to give an exhaustive comment on this subject to journalists. Celine explained that she was experiencing a second youth now and was wearing bold clothing, “in order to feel more feminine and attractive.” By the way, the other day the 51-year-old performer became the ambassador of the L’Oreal Paris cosmetics brand. Commenting on the appointment, Dion once again emphasized that for her “everything is just beginning.”

Yesterday, the singer gave a small concert in Los Angeles and again made a splash with her outfit. She stepped on the stage in a shimmering black mini dress with ruffles and a plunging neckline. 

The length of the dress emphasized the slender legs of the artist, and the wide belt emphasized the thin waist. The spectacular image of the singer supplemented with suede pumps on a heel and long earrings. Let us note: who would not say, but Celine looks perfect!