Several women accuse the Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman (80) of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. 


CNN has published the story of these women.

One of the women worked as a production assistant on the film Going in stylefrom 2015, in which Freeman was shown with actors such as Alan Arkin and Michael Caine. During the recordings Freeman would have touched her several times and made comments about her figure and clothes.

During an incident, the actor would have always tried to lift her skirt, where he would have asked if she wore underwear at that time.

Another woman would have been sexually intimidated by Freeman during the recording of Now you see me in 2012. She, but also her (female) assistant, would have received regular comments from Freeman about their bodies.

Sixteen women

A total of sixteen people spoke with CNN , eight of whom actually accused the actor of intimidation or inappropriate behavior on the film set, during a promotional tour of a film or at Revelations Entertainment, Freeman’s production company.

Seven of the sixteen interviewees confirmed that Freeman regularly approached or touched women on the shop floor. He would also have made discriminatory comments to women. Former employees of the company speak of a “toxic” work environment. 

Reason research

Entertainment reporter Chloe Melas of CNN would also have experienced an intimidation experience with Freeman. During a promotional interview for one of his films, Freeman said that “he wished he was in it”, referring to the pregnant belly of the journalist. This incident would also have been recorded by the cameras present. 

He also made more inappropriate comments, which were not recorded. Melas contacted the film company, but because there was only one observation, nothing was done about it. Melas decided not to broadcast the interview on the news channel and used the incident as a reason for her research what CNN published on Thursday. 

CNN approached dozens of women who worked with the actor for their research. When the news channel spoke with these people, it was not initially said that the research has Morgan Freeman as the subject. According to CNN , the women knew right away that the interview was about the actor, which according to the news channel indicates that it is “a big problem”. 

Freeman response

Freeman responded to the allegations in a report published by various American media. “Anyone who knows or has worked with me knows that I am not someone who intentionally hurts or makes someone feel uncomfortable.” I express my regret to anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable or disrespectful by my actions. intention. “

Lori McCreary, with whom the actor Revelations Entertainment has set up, does not want to give a reaction. The people with whom CNN has spoken claim that they would have contributed to the unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace, for example by making comments about the family life of the women.


Freeman is one of the biggest Hollywood actors. He has been active for more than five decades and has played major roles in films such as Driving Miss Daisy and Shawshank Redemption. In 2004 he won an Oscar for best male supporting role in Million Dollar Baby. Freeman was also nominated for another four Oscars.