Kanye West has paid over $ 85,000 for the photo rights of a leaked photo of Whitney Housten’s bathroom. West used the photo as album cover of his business partner, rapper Pusha T.


The photo, which was allegedly made by a relative, caused a stir in 2006. The picture shows how the singer’s washbasin is littered with cocaine, crack, cigarettes and drinks.

Whitney Houston struggled with drug addiction in the last years of her life. In 2012 she drowned in the bath after she had used various drugs.

Pusha T., who is in charge of Kanye’s record label GOOD Music, stated in a radio program that his colleague last-minute decision to replace previously chosen photographs with the image of Whitney’s bathroom.

“At 1 o’clock at night my phone rings and Kanye says he does not feel good about the artwork, he has something else, but that costs 85,000, I tell him I was not going to pay for it, but he says: No, this is what people need to see with your music, I will pay for it “, says Pusha T.