The number of people killed in the explosion of a truck trapped in the Somali capital exceeded 230. At least 275 people were injured.

The truck bombing in Mogadishu on Saturday killed at least 231 people and injured 275 people, media sources quoted Somali police and medical sources as saying.

The previous report reported 189 dead and 200 wounded.

The doctors of the Somali private ambulance service Aamin Ambulance said on Twitter that they had never seen anything like it in 10 years in Mogadishu.

A truck exploded on Saturday on a busy street in Mogadishu where public buildings, hotels, restaurants, and shops are located. The media later announced that another explosion had occurred in the same neighborhood, without causing casualties.

The police also arrested the driver of a car carrying explosives.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has declared three days of national mourning in the country.

For now, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. In the past, the Islamist group Al-Shabbaab , affiliated with the terrorist nebula al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for attacks in the capital of the country.