Since his introduction to Mission: Impossible III, Simon Pegg has been a senior member of the entire IMF of Ethan Hunt and the most consistent source of comic relief throughout the new installments. In the role of Benji Dunn, a former out-of-field agent who became a field technical agent in the final installments of the series, Pegg proved that he was a warm and vibrant presence, which is always quick to fire a shot of. reaction whenever Ethan Hunt puts his life on the line, but also there to provide essential assistance and motivation when needed. 

Even during the first inconsistent installments of the franchise, Pegg’s presence brought comfort. Seen celebrating with the team after another successful Fall mission, we should expect Benji to be there for Ethan Hunt once again for this penultimate addition to the ever-growing action franchise, as well as (hopefully) the next film as well.