The life of the American garbage collector Doug Kiker (27) is completely turned upside down. He audited at ‘American Idol’ and that made a big impression. Katy Perry (35) was even moved to tears.

“You just have to stay who you are and you are going to make it that far”

Just before his audition, Doug admits that he has little or no experience singing to an audience. “I usually just sing when I’m at the back of the garbage truck,” he says. At first it also appears that he does not know much about music at all. When jury member Lionell Richie (70) asks how Doug is warming his voice, he has no idea what to say. 

Then Katy asks him how high his reach is in terms of voice. Doug doesn’t really have an answer to that either. Subsequently, jury member Luke Bryan (43) crawls behind the piano to accompany Doug and then he shows what kind of voice he has. The jury is very enthusiastic about Doug. Katy can’t keep it dry. “You just have to stay who you are and you’re going to make it that far.” Then Doug does not keep it dry itself either. “I really appreciate you all,” he says.

You can see the entire Doug audition in the video below.