Sad news from Miley Cyrus. The singer announced on his Instagram account the disappearance of his pet pig, Bubba Sue.

Miley Cyrus is a true friend of animals: dogs, cats … Her large home in California, hosts many companions on all fours, including a miniature pig until recently. Indeed, the 26-year-old singer and actress announced this Thursday, in her Instagram story, the death of her sweet Bubba Sue, also nicknamed Pig Pig (“pig” in the language of Molière). Appearing several times on his social networks, Bubba Sue had stolen the star on the cover of the magazine Paper during the summer of 2005.

In her story, Miley Cyrus , who shares the life of actor Liam Hemsworth, published a video and a video with his pet pig, before making a beautiful declaration of love: ” It’s very sad to to say … My dear friend Pig Pig is dead, I will miss you forever, thank you for all those laughs and good times . And she even autographed a song: No one’s gonna love you band Band of Horses. All our condolences to the big family of Bubba Sue.