Hollywood actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were together for 4 years in the middle of the “zero”, during which time they became parents of two daughters.

The divorce of the couple was accompanied by a scandal, and after years the ex-spouses did not stop throwing pins against each other. A few years ago, Charlie declared that Deniz forbade him to communicate with his daughters, but the conflict was later settled and they even began to exchange signs of attention. So, Denise took the side of her ex-husband when the whole world learned about his HIV disease, and a year ago invited Charlie to her wedding with actor Aaron Fipers. Charlie’s daughters apparently also made contact. Yesterday, the paparazzi managed to film an actor with a 15-year-old Sam and a 14-year-old Lola – from the moment of the last appearance before the lenses of photographers, the girls had matured a lot, and they could hardly have been found out if there was no father beside them who put their shoulders around.

Denise Richards with daughters, 2015

Probably, communication with children Denise allowed her ex-husband to resume after he completely refused alcohol. In numerous interviews, Charlie told me that he tried to quit drinking more than 2000 times with alcohol. “There was a period when I did not drink for 11 years. No cocaine and alcohol for 11 years!” – the actor noticed. In 2012, Charlie learned that he had HIV. “Alcohol was the only way to stifle anxiety. It seemed to me that he helped to cope with melancholy, disappointment and fear. But in the end I only got worse,” he said then. But in 2017, he managed to put an end to his addiction, last year he shared good news with fans: for a year he had not touched alcohol.