California’s wildfires, which have destroyed hundreds of hectares across the state and are already recognized as one of the largest in the country’s history, have affected the homes of many stars living in that region. The house of Miley Cyrus, which the fire service could not save, was also damaged.

If some celebrities, including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Caitlin Jenner, managed to evacuate in time, and the fire of their dwelling was bypassed, then Miley’s house was completely burned out, but fortunately her pets and boyfriend could escape without consequences.

Here is what the Malibu looks like, where they cannot put out fires:



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“I am shocked by the fire in my area. Fortunately, I was lucky. My pets and my favorite were able to get out, this is the most important thing. My house has been destroyed, but I will always have happy memories of my time with family and friends, ”Cyrus writes. She also thanked the firefighters for their work in the territory and urged the fans to donate money to all victims in these terrible fires. “I send you my love stronger than ever,” the singer added.