The last few days for fans of the 26-year-old Selena Gomez have been very joyful. First, as Western sources reported, the star was finally discharged from the hospital, where she healed her mental wounds for a month and struggled with severe depression. Well, and secondly, she appeared in a new advertising campaign of the Puma brand, with which she has been working for a long time .

New advertising images yesterday appeared in the sports brand account on Instagram and were very warmly welcomed by the Internet community.

Our beautiful princess! I hope you feel well.

She is beautiful!

Selena is back

– commented on the Internet users photo.

In the photo, Selena, dressed in black and white sports leggings, top and sneakers, looks very slim, fit, and most importantly – completely healthy. She confidently poses and seems to be full force and ready for new challenges. True, as some Internet users suspected, perhaps these pictures were taken before the star was hospitalized since she checked out only a few days ago and hardly ran to the set immediately. Probably, representatives of the brand were just waiting for her discharge in order to publish these shots.