Miley Cyrus has confirmed that she will play a role in an episode of Black Mirror. In the radio broadcast of the American DJ Howard Stern, the singer was asked about the rumors that had been circulating about a possible role in the Netflix series.

“If you’ve guessed right, I’ll nod yes”, according to The Hollywood Reporter , Cyrus told the DJ, who then confirmed to his listeners that the singer did.

Cyrus then nervously said that she did not really say the name of the series out loud, because she had not yet been allowed to release anything about her role. 

A spokesperson for Netflix refused to confirm after the broadcast nor deny that the singer will be seen in Black Mirror.

During the broadcast, Cyrus said he had found the acting in the series ‘a revelation’. “It was the first time that I was really proud of my work.”

For the singer it is not her first role, she has previously acted in films like LOLand The Last Song and was seen for years as Hannah Montana in the Disney series of the same name. 

Although she did not want to let go too much about the character she plays, she wanted to say that her role in the series is “very dynamic”, where she could use different aspects of her character. 

Forest fires in California

During the shooting of the series in South Africa, the singer’s house burned down during the forest fires of California. “I was away from home during those terrible events and that was a very strange experience for me.”

According to Cyrus, it also did not help that the series is very dark. “That’s why it was sometimes a bit scary on the set, but I’ve learned a lot of new things about myself and I think I’ve been able to use it and put it into my role,” said the singer.

Alternative reality

In March it was announced that Black Mirror will receive  a fifth season, although there is still no official release date. The series tells each episode a new story in an alternative reality and focuses mainly on the technological developments of the 21st century and how they influence reality.