Franchise “Transformers” does not think to retire. The prequel of the story called “Bumblebee”, despite universal expectations, turned out to be quite good and received good marks from critics. From December 13, the film started at the box office for the general public and, like many tapes before it, presented to the attention the post-caption scene that communicates with the first Transformers of 2007. Beware, spoilers!

Viewers will not have to wait long, and they will see the scene immediately after the name of director Travis Knight appears on the screen. Optimus Prime meets Bumblebee on Earth. They stand in the middle of the night forest, and Optimus turns to his partner, calling him a B-127. Autobot immediately corrects it and the voice of the main character Charlie says: “My name is Bumblebee.” This touching moment demonstrates that at the time of the events of the first “Transformers” he remembers his friend and will not soon forget him. On the screen you can see the starry sky, where new autobots come from. Then the audience is shown Charlie, who is riding a new car for the song Back To Life, performed by Hayley Steinfeld herself.

It is not yet clear whether this scene is just a link between the films or hints at a sequel. According to the first viewers and critics, the new Transformers film “did everything right”. Now everyone has the opportunity to see “Bumblebee” in cinemas and make up their own opinion about him.