Last year, 26-year-old Miley Cyrus said in an interview that she refused to use marijuana to work with a clear head on recording a new music album, Younger Now. A year has passed since the disc’s release, and the star suddenly admitted that she had once again returned to bad habits. It turned out that it was not a matter of parting with Liam Hemsworth, but of a performer’s mother.

In an interview with The Sun journalist, Miley Cyrus said that she smoked marijuana in company with her 51-year-old mother Tish Cyrus. “We smoke from time to time. Mom pulled me into it. But I do not smoke when I work, because I want to be fully focused and committed to the cause, ”the star said. It should be noted that the singer’s parents did not prevent her from expressing herself a couple of years ago, when a short haircut, a minimum of clothes and vulgar behavior on the stage replaced the long curls.

It is not yet clear whether marijuana use was caused or due to the fact that after the reserved clip for the song Younger Now there was a frank music video for the track Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.

In the Instagram account Cyrus also began to appear more relaxed photos, but how this relates her beloved Liam Hemsworth is still unknown. Perhaps the whole point is that her last clip was more visible and discussed, and the image of the rebel brings more profit than the image of the lady.