Finally Surface Pro4 has been launched and its here…. Although the product is pretty much like the Surface Pro 3. But the Surface Pro4 is slightly thiner and 30% more efficient and powerful. The screen has been slightly enlarged 12.3 inches (0.3 inches bigger than the Surface Pro3) without compromising the case size. Bezel around the screen has been chipped away to make it larger.

Panos Panay introduced the Surface Pro 4 saying that screen would knock you out. It has 267PPI that means 5 million pixel on the screen. When you would look at product when you touch it, you would feel it.
Panos also said that its just not about the pixel but it has much more to share. Microsoft also named it PixelSense technology which can See, Touch, Write, Feel. The cover glass of the Surface Pro 4 is 400 microns thick glass, that is .4 milimeter thickness Gorilla Glass never shifted such a glass with any tablet. It has 1.1mm backlight unit.

It also has a special pen with the eraser at its back  so you can erase with it on your tablet. The new pen has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and the pen could be attached to the side of table magnetically.  There is also a fingerprint sensor on the keyboard .

The Surface Pro 4 is available to pre-order now, starting at $899. It will be available on October 26th.

The Surface Pro 4 an awesome additional in the technology.

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