Michelle Obama recently spoke about a subject that remains extremely taboo in our society … Menopause! More details on his confidences here.

Michelle Obama is undoubtedly one of the American personalities most appreciated by the public. And for good reason, the wife of the former President of the United States is very active in the media. With her book Becoming released in 2018, Michelle Obama has definitely shown how popular she is all over the world. Michelle Obama has made a major tour in many cities in order to meet her audience.

And each time, success was there! Whether in London, New York or Copenhagen, thousands of them came to see her recount her life , from her childhood in Chicago to her life as first lady at the White House. Exciting and captivating, Michelle Obama certainly is!

Michelle Obama opens up about her menopause

But above all, Barack Obama’s wife likes to bring up subjects that are still too taboo in our society. This is what she tries to do in her podcast called ”  The Michelle Obama Podcast ” which airs on Spotify. Recently, Michelle Obama indulged in it bluntly by admitting that she suffered from ”  mild depression ”  . This week, it is another problem encountered by all the women that the lawyer and author wished to address. Today’s program: menopause . For those who don’t know, this natural process marks the end of a woman’s fertility cycle and is accompanied by various symptoms. Among the first signs are usually hot flashes, joint pain, weight gain or even hair loss.

A subject too taboo in our society

A period in the life of a woman full of upheavals but which remains completely natural . And yet, evoking it seems very complicated! This is why Michelle Obama, accompanied by Doctor Sharon Malone, decided to return to this period of her life. This one returned in particular to the moment when she felt her first hot flashes . At that time, Michelle Obama was aboard a helicopter with her husband. The couple were then on their way to an official visit:

It was as if someone had put a boiler in my body and turned it on. And then it all started to dissolve. I thought: I can’t, I can’t, I can’t do this.

And this one to add:

What a woman’s body is taking her through is important information. It’s an important thing to talk about in a society, because so many of us go through these episodes, but we live as if it doesn’t happen.

For Michelle Obama, it is obvious that the menopause remains a subject too little mentioned in the media . The former first lady hopes that a change will quickly be made at this level:

I want my daughters to grow up having the opportunity to seek out information about themselves, because sexuality is linked to other things around health.