Matthew McConaughey spent 12 days alone in the desert, without electricity, to write his memoirs. It is through his Instagram account that he explained in detail his writing process.

After cinema , actor Matthew McConaughey tried his hand at literature . Indeed, the hero of the film Interstellar will soon release his autobiography called “ Greenlights ”. The memory directly from his diaries he kept during 36 years  :

Since I learned to write, I keep a journal, I write everything that excites me, saddens me, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me question myself or prevents me from sleeping at night . Two years ago, I found the courage to isolate myself with all these papers just to see what I had. And I came back with a book.

And to write his book, Matthew McConaughey had desires elsewhere by going into exile in the desert. A need for disconnection  and “  slow life” in order to dig deep into one’s experience . It is through a video posted on Instagram that he unveiled his writing process far from glitter and the 7th Art:

I went into the desert on my own for 12 days without electricity.

He then explained the meaning of the title of his book “Feux verte” in French:

I have noticed that I have experienced a lot of red lights and amber lights in my life which have turned green over time. The death of a loved one is a red light – for me, my father’s departure was a big red light – but then I noticed, looking at my newspaper, how many things he got to me. learned kept him alive.