Vehicles buried in hail are seen in the streets in the eastern area of Guadalajara, Jalisco state, Mexico, on June 30, 2019. - The accumulation of hail in the streets of Guadalajara buried vehicles and damaged homes. (Photo by ULISES RUIZ / AFP)

The weather is crazy, it becomes indisputable … We learn at our expense every day a little more, and around the world. But Sunday in Mexico , it was necessary to see it to believe it: the hail fell so brutally and in such abundance on the vast city of Guadalajara , in the center-west of the country, that it was crammed in places by close 2 meters high , you are not dreaming! The employees of the municipality had to be supported by the army and use backhoe loaders and other machines to clear the streets.

50 vehicles washed away by a torrent of ice

The governor of the Mexican state of Jalisco , where Guadalajara is located, was the first to testify to his amazement. “Scenes I had never seen (…) Look at this hail that looks like a snowfall (…) It’s amazing!” Said Enrique Alfaro . The intensity of the phenomenon has also caused major damage throughout the agglomeration, particularly in Tlaquepaque . At least 200 houses were damaged and about 50 vehicles were washed away by the ice that formed a torrent. Two people have even been treated for hypothermia.

Only children and teenagers have benefited from this exceptional and spectacular fall of hailstones. They could at least indulge in ice games, for lack of winter sports … In Guadalajara, it’s really unexpected!